Kuya Kim Spends New Year with a Matanglawin

Broadcast journalist Kim Atienza is ushering in the New Year right by communing with no less than the namesake of his multi-awarded program, the matanglawin.

On the New Year’s Day (Jan 1) episode of “Matanglawin”, Kuya Kim will closely observe the behavior of the audacious matanglawin, a type of hawk that dives into the depths of the ocean in search of the biggest fish.

Speaking of oceans, the Trivia King will head to the waters of Bicol to look for the tawiki, a giant fish considered mythical by the locals. This creature, a relative of the ferocious shark, can grow up to be as big a bus, with a mouth as wide as a meter stick. Local folklore has it that the giant brings a bad luck, a belief that caused the near extinction of its species. Luckily, it has since been saved.

“Matanglawin” is a multi-awarded educational program anchored by the country’s Trivia King, Kim Atienza. Both Kuya Kim and “Matanglawin” recently won the PMPC Star Awards for Best Educational Program and Best Educational Program Host and the Golden Screen TV Awards for Outstanding Natural History/Wildlife Program and Outstanding Natural History/Wildlife Program Host. The show also placed 9th in Anak TV Seal’s Top Ten Most Well-Liked TV Programs for 2011 with Kuya Kim being third among the roster of Anak TV Makabata Male Stars.

There’s more to find out about the matanglawin and tawiki, so learn more about them this coming Sunday, New Year’s Day (Jan 1), on “Matanglawin”, 9:30 a.m. on ABS-CBN.

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