Ted Checks Deceptive Airline Fare Promo in ‘Failon Ngayon’

Air travel companies draw potential travelers with very cheap promo fares, but instead of paying less, people actually pay more than what is advertised because of their undeclared “hidden charges.”

This Saturday (Apr 21), Ted Failon will look into these allegedly deceptive travel promos criticized by travelers due to their unclear and misleading terms and conditions.

This year, 41 cases have so far been recorded against airline companies due to these promos, based on the study by the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB). This number is more than half of the cases filed in 2011.

How is the government acting on this problem? How can people prevent traveling glitches brought about by these bogus promo fares?

Watch the full report of Ted Failon in “Failon Ngayon” (Apr 21) this Saturday at 4:30 p.m. on ABS-CBN.

1 Comment on Ted Checks Deceptive Airline Fare Promo in ‘Failon Ngayon’

  1. Antonio_v_pascual // April 27, 2012 at 9:53 am //

    Sir, in your commentary, you mentioned about Travel Tax not being refunded by Airline Offices. 

    You are right,  it is the Tourism Infrastructure  and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA), formerly the Philippine Tourism Authority (PTA) which is responsible in the collection and refund of Travel Tax.

    Perhaps, you’ve just missed it.  You were a Congressman before and perhaps during your term you have attended at least one budget hearing of the Department of Tourism (DOT).  TIEZA-PTA is an attached agency of the DOT.

    Same goes to Mr. MAR ROXAS, he should also know.   He  was a Congressman and a Senator before.  . . . Sir Mar, it is not the BIR.

    Tony Pascual, Jr.

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