Ted Tracks Down ‘Epal Kings and Queens’ on ‘Failon Ngayon’

Ted Failon will hunt down “Epal Kings and Queens,” or politicians who affix their names or images to any signage announcing government projects, as described by Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago’s “Anti-Epal Bill”

Ted will be speaking with some of the politicians whose names are all over signs and billboards across Metro Manila. How do they feel about being tagged as “epal”?

According to University of the Philippines linguist Jovy Peregrino, “epal” comes from the word “papel,” which means role. When people are described as “epal,” it means they are putting themselves in a place or situation not appropriate of them, said the linguist.

Santiago filed the “Act Prohibiting Public Officers from Claiming Credit through Signage Announcing a Public Works Project,” or “Anti-Epal Bill” a bill outlawing the affixing of politicians’ names or images to any signage on a proposed or ongoing public works, which Santiago believes as highly unethical and inappropriate.

Find out on “Failon Ngayon” this Saturday (Jan 7), 5 p.m. on ABS-CBN as Ted Failon makes the rounds of the streets of Metro Manila to pinpoint these Epal Kings and Queens.

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