Ted Probes Safety in Amusement Parks

It’s Christmas season once again and mini-fair and amusement parks are just around the corner to bring joy and amazement to Filipino families. But how safe are these mini-theme parks nowadays?

In “Failon Ngayon” tomorrow (Nov 26), anchor Ted Failon looks back into a mini-fair accident that happened in 2006, wherein a 14-year old girl died. It was a painful and tragic scene that continues to haunt the girl’s dad, Greg Picardal, who saw two his daughters fall from the ‘Octopus’ ride.

Five years have passed since the accident killed Picardal’s daughter Kristine and caused his other daughter Kimberly a one-month confinement, but justice remains elusive. According to the president of the National Owner’s Organization of Mini Fairs and Amusement (NOOMA) Leonora Konischi, the government must support them financially so that they can improve the maintenance of their rides and avoid accidents.

Don’t miss “Failon Ngayon” this Saturday (Nov 26), 5 PM, after “Ako ang Simula” on ABS-CBN.

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