Ted Looks Into Vintage Bomb Explosions in PH

Several decades have passed since World War II ended but the armament used during wartime turned out to be destructive and perilous until today.

On Saturday (February 4), Ted Failon peers into the recent cases of death resulting from the explosion of vintage bombs in the country on “Failon Ngayon.”

One of the victims of these explosions was scrap dealer Alex Carbongco, 44, of Taytay, Rizal. In the evening of January 24, he was hammering a mortar bomb that he had purchased which went off and instantly killed him. His son Angelo, who was nearby when the incident occurred, sustained wounds after shrapnel hit him in the back.

The following day, a similar incident took place in Lower Bicutan, Taguig. According to reports, two members of the PNP Special Action Force (SAF) decided to bring a vintage mortar bomb to a welding shop after failing to diffuse it. The owner of the shop attended to the bomb, but before he could do anything to diffuse it, the bomb exploded, killing him and the members of the SAF. A resident was also killed, while 11 others were hurt.

Because of these explosions, questions have been raised as to whether the SAF has the capacity and proper training to handle bombs. They also highlight the possibility that a great number of vintage bombs is still scattered across the county. In his investigation, Ted learned that the number of war-era bombs recovered in the province of Rizal alone has reached 123.

What must citizens do when they discover an object that could possibly be a bomb? What should be done to prevent incidents like the explosions in Rizal and Taguig from happening again?

Find out as Ted probes into the cases of explosions caused by vintage bombs on “Failon Ngayon” on Saturday (Feb. 4), 4:30 p.m. on ABS-CBN.

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