President Aquino Faces World Issues in Historic YouTube Worldview this Friday

Watch history unfold as Philippine President Benigno Aquino III answer citizens’ questions through a live chat session via YouTube World View series this Friday (Nov 4), 1 PM, to be streamed live online via

As part of efforts to involve the most number of citizens in public discussions, ABS-CBN will also be offering its trademark online live chat at to give the public the chance to react real time to the President’s answers.

Pres. Aquino is the first Asian leader to be interviewed in series spearheaded by YouTube and Google, following world leaders US President Barack Obama, UK PM David Cameron, and Spain PM Jose Luis Zapatero. The YouTube Worldview gives people opportunity to ask world leaders on topics ranging from education, energy, to global health. It made an online breakthrough as it premiered online in January.

The PNoy interview shall be conducted by Google Moderator Ross LaJeunesse, Director of Public Policy and Government Affairs for Google Inc. in Asia Pacific, and former Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Advisor to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

To date, the World View series has featured nearly a dozen world leaders from the USA, UK, Spain, Mexico, and Rwanda. Obama was the first to undergo the series and his interview attracted nearly 800,000 votes on over 14,000 questions and had over 2.2 million page views.

Don’t miss the historic YouTube World View series on Friday (November 4), 1 PM, live via online streaming on and at YouTube World View’s official website at Watch the replay in ANC on Monday (Nov 7), 7 PM.

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