Holding Hands Prank Viral Video Gets 700,000 Hits in 2 Days

Holding hands prank is an instant hit on the video sharing site, YouTube!

A video of holding hands prank made by a college student has amassed 700,000 hits on YouTube in just 2 days!

Andrew Hales, a Utah Valley University student, is best known for his YouTube channel “Losing All Hope Was Freedom.” The said channel is full of prank videos and Hales’ latest creation is a series of “holding hands” pranks.

Titled “Holding Hands With Strangers,” the concept is simple. The 22-year-old will walk along with a stranger on campus, hold the random person’s hand and wait for reaction. While some subjects were not sport enough to just laugh it off, there are those who actually went along with it. The most interesting part was one of those who “allowed” him to do the “holding hands” thingy is a dude!

Check it out:

Hales’ previous works include “Holding The Door Open For People That Are Far Away,” “Almost Picking Up Chicks” and “Staring At People.” All these videos are pranks featuring various reactions from his victims.

“There’s always a few people that are uncomfortable with it and we always ask them afterwards if they want to be in the video,” Hales told ABC. “We just come up with them like what would be funny to do and interesting to film and just what would be awkward in public, you know.”

And did you know that Hales is earning from these videos? Imagine how much profit did he get from ads on these videos and multiply that to 2.7 million hits!

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