Viral Video: Mother Giraffe Giving Birth Astonishes Spectators

This amazing video of a mother giraffe giving birth at Memphis Zoo has garnered 5,452,611 views on YouTube!


A mother is someone who loves unconditionally. She always thinks of the needs of her children before thinking her own, and not only with words, but more on actions. Agree?

But this is not only true for humans but also with animals. A perfect example is this viral video entitled Giraffe Birth at the Memphis Zoo. The said video clip aims to inform us that even animals had their own particular instinct. Scientific research shows that numerous animals are extremely clever. They have sensory and motor abilities that are actually better than ours. Dogs which are actually considered the man’s bestfriend are known for their abilities to detect diseases such as cancer and diabetes. Bats, dolphins, whales, frogs, and various rodents use high-frequency sounds to find food, communicate and navigate. Many animals also exhibit extensive emotions such as joy, empathy, compassion, grief, resentment and even embarrassment.

You can see in the said video how a mother giraffe protected her baby when she gave birth. She didn’t stop until her baby is able to stand up on its own. Isn’t it amazing!

The delivery procedure and recovery period might be different from human; nonetheless, we can see that what is important is we value life. And what is wonderful about it is that it takes time for the baby giraffe to stand on her own just like the human baby did. The mother giraffe tried to push her baby gently on both her legs so she could firmly stand. It only shows that she will always be there for her child until she became independent. She also shows compassion and deep sympathy with her baby who was very weak at the beginning, a fragile one that needs love and caress.

The people in the video were observing silently on how a mother giraffe will give birth to its baby. They even take pictures on the whole process. These people are amazing as well because of the way they adore animals—truly admirable! They patiently waited and gave their time to look after these wonderful creatures, made sure they would both make it.

Similarly to humans, mothers will feed their babies, train them to walk and even teach them good values. Once their mothers observe that they can handle themselves independently, that will only be the time that they will let their children to live on their own. So it’s just a matter of training your children properly, right? Whether humans or animals, mothers will always protect their babies no matter what it takes them to do it.

Watch this viral video here:

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