Viral Video: A Romantic Short Film from Thailand is a Charmer

More than 1 million viewers already fell in love with this short film about a charming matchmaker who falls into a love trap.

When Mr Matchmaker

Girls, have you ever experienced gasping for air when you feel like you’re about to burst as a result of keeping something secretly in your heart? How about you, boys? You crack your knuckles if you want to do something but you can’t, right? How does it feel to ignore such an intense emotion? It really feels bad, keeping all those feelings to yourself, doesn’t it?

The eight minute and sixteen second video entitled A Funny Yet Romantic Story When a Matchmaker Falls in Love shows how hard it is to hide one’s feelings towards a person. There was a man who fell in love with his adorable colleague whose name is Nicha. It always made him smile every time he would see her. He secretly took pictures of her in the background while doing wacky movements and poses. And just like that, without him knowing it, he fell in love with her.

But the realization did not come as early as it should when one day, his boss introduced to their department the new marketing manager of the company—Mr. Kane—who was also mesmerized by Nicha’s charm. Apparently, Mr. Kane also liked Nicha and when he asked this man if he likes her too, he hurriedly said “No!” and told him he’s not yet ready to have a girlfriend.

What happened next was Mr. Kane eventually asked him to play matchmaker for them and so the man had no choice but to oblige. Mr. Kane then started giving Nicha flowers and gifts through him. Thinking that he will have reasons to talk to her, Mister Matchmaker decided to comply with every task given to him—until every flower, every gift became routine.

He even saw Nicha posting all the gifts of Mr. Kane in her Facebook account but he knew for a fact that all her posts were being addressed to the real person behind the gifts and it was not him but Mr. Kane, instead. How he wished it was him but he knew the truth and it was indeed painful thinking that one day, Nicha will surely find out who her ‘mystery admirer’ really was and he feared that day when it would happen.

And when it came, he was not ready…and so was Nicha. Her tears were falling down her cheeks while uttering the words “So it was not really you”, waiting for his reasons. Six words that had almost stopped him from breathing, six words that had almost tore his heart into pieces…but he couldn’t do anything but cry. What good will it do to reason out when obviously, he was now a total jerk in Nicha’s eyes?

But in his heart, there is hope that what he feels for Nicha will be reciprocated in time. It was as clear as water that the reason behind her hatred was that she thought all the while he was the one who was wooing her—and not Mr. Kane. So he waited one week to admit his feelings towards her. And he did it in public by posting a short video clip. There, he expressed what he truly feels by writing down the words ‘I love you’ in a colored paper, covered his face and letting the said piece of paper speak out for him.

Having a hard time saying it out? The clock is ticking. What you have right now may no longer be yours tomorrow so speak up. There’s nothing impossible for a person who is determined to do anything. Life is so short. Do not waste it by keeping silent and holding your feelings in. Good luck!

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