Kuya Kim Meets Robo Dog

From wild and exotic real-life animals, Kim Atienza gets to know a man-made robotic animal this Sunday (June 6) in an earlier “Matanglawin.”

Join the country’s Trivia King as he studies an invention called the Robo Dog which acts and behaves like a real pet dog as part of the show’s episode on Biomimicry or ideas of modern technology inspired from nature.

Kuya Kim presents various cases of Biomimicry such as the street reflectors which was inspired from the cat’s eyes, tank camouflage which came from colorful butterfly wings, and the fiberglass from hard crocodile skin.

What other qualities or nature of animals, plants, and even human beings gave the big idea to inventors and innovators?

Don’t miss another intense episode of “Matanglawin” this Sunday (June 6) on its new timeslot at 9:30 AM on ABS-CBN.

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