Make Room for Richard and Heart in GMA’s ‘Full House’

Full House finds its way back into the hearts of Filipino viewers as GMA Network launches the much-awaited Pinoy adaptation of one of Korea’s all-time favorite TV series this November on GMA Telebabad.

The most sought-after actor of his generation, Richard Gutierrez and FAMAS Best Actress Heart Evangelista breathe life to Justin and Jessie, two opposing personalities who, through a series of comedic events, meet and end up sharing more than what they bargained for in the first place.

Justin, a famous actor, is scheduled to shoot an international movie in Prague. Right at the same time, Jessie, a struggling wannabe of a writer, presumably won an all-expense paid trip to the same destination as Justin’s. By a twist of fate, the two find themselves seated beside each other on the plane.

Upon their arrival, Jessie discovers that the trip is actually a hoax arranged by her brother Donald (Rainier Castillo). She intends to seek help from Luigi (Patrick Garcia), Justin’s visiting friend whom she met at the hotel, but he has left the country already. With no one else to turn to, Jessie borrows some cash from Justin after fooling him into thinking that Luigi is her ex-boyfriend.

Jessie eventually comes home to an empty house and an empty bank account. Worse, she finds out that her brother had already sold their house to its new owner, Justin. Jessie refuses to give up her house and so does Justin as he had already paid for it in full. So they came to an agreement: Jessie, now that she is beholden to Justin, will work as Justin’s maid in order to pay off her debt and eventually buy her house back.

Things go as planned until Justin gets himself involved in another controversy after trying to make Elaine (Isabel Oli), the woman he’s been secretly in love with, jealous. To save his showbiz career, Justin is now forced to marry Jessie – but only on paper. Their resulting agreement sets off a series of outrageously amusing events that will eventually lead them to the inevitable trap of… falling in love!

Completing the cast of this riotous romantic-comedy series are Keempee de Leon, Epi Quizon, John Lapus, Rainier Castillo, Sheena Halili, Raquel Villavicencio, Chariz Solomon, Marky Lopez and in very special roles, Ronaldo Valdez and Ms. Pilita Corrales.

Trust GMA-7’s discerning team of experts to pick yet another foreign material worth “Filipinizing”. Full House, aside from having the distinction of being the highest rating Asianovela shown on Philippine primetime since 2003, possesses a unique storyline – one that revolves around family and goodness of heart making it all the more endearing to the Filipino audience.

This version of the popular Koreanovela helmed by Director Mark A. Reyes and written by Denoy Navarro-Punio makes use of advanced production features as it aspires to achieve that high-end and sophisticated look on the small screen. The production team paid careful attention to every detail including the costumes, production design, and most importantly, the locations, hence the decision to shoot several sequences in Prague, Czech Republic. For the first time, primetime viewers will have the chance to experience the magnificence of Prague, which is known for being one of the most architecturally exquisite cities in the entire world.

Likewise, the cast had to undergo intense preparation for their roles – from immersing themselves in their characters to watching the original version to ensure that everything is done to the letter. Here, Richard will play the part originally played by famous actor Rain while Heart, on the other hand, will reprise the character played by actress Song Hye Kyo.

FULL HOUSE opens on November 30 after Darna on GMA Telebabad.

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