‘Spooky Nights’ Presents Halloween Specials All Saturdays of October

In celebration of Halloween, GMA-7’s “Spooky Nights” presents hardcore horror stories all October.

Dropping comedy for the meantime, the program offers different stories with different cast every week beginning with “Sapi” this Saturday (October 1).

Starring Heart Evangelista, Geoff Eigenmann and Ehra Madrigal, “Sapi” recounts the struggle of a newly-wedded couple against a vengeful spirit of a woman who committed suicide.

Belle (Heart) and Paolo (Geoff) elope to a province after their recent wedding to escape Belle’s disapproving father. Incidentally, the couple moves in to Paolo’s old house where Elsa (Ehra), a woman who was in love with him, died.

Believing that Paolo abandoned her, Elsa killed herself in his room and she is now determined to make him pay for it by possessing Belle and making her kill herself too!

Can Paulo save his beloved wife once Elsa takes command of her mind and body? How can he defeat Elsa and make her soul rest?

Created by Director Uro Q. Dela Cruz and written by Senedy Que, “Spooky Nights Presents: Sapi” airs this Saturday (October 1) after Manny Many Prizes on GMA-7.

Start Halloween early by watching the special and totally scary stories of “Spooky Nights” all Saturdays of October!

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  1. mel tiangco haters // September 30, 2011 at 1:06 pm //

    abs cbn no. 1 station
    tv 5 no. 2 station
    studio 23 no. 3 station
    channel station walang nanunuod na station kasi di kilala artista pati mga news reporter walang k as in mga kulelat gaya ni mel tiangco si bulet solis masiba sa pera si welma galvantot may gusto kay dendong na laos na.

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