Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati Getting Closer?

GMA Primetime will never be complete without the most-talked about series "Makapiling Kang Muli."

The series gets more and more exciting as twists and turns take place in the lives of Martin, Graciela and Leilani.

Coming from a source, Richard Gutierrez and Sarah Lahbati’s relationship advances from being just co-workers to being close friends.

After being seen together at the premiere night of GMA Film’s Boy Pick-up, Richard and Sarah reportedly became even closer.

Affirming to their closeness are photos from Sarah’s instagram account (@sarahlahbati). She posted two photos: a close-up photo of her with Richard and a photo of them during Muay Thai session.

On the next episodes of Makapiling kang Muli, Martin’s (Richard Gutierrez) gesture of avoiding Graciela (Sarah Lahbati) becomes noticeable. He’s doing it because he doesn’t want to appear as a relationship-wrecker and he doesn’t want other people to have the wrong impression about Graciela.

Graciela gets affected by the deliberate indifference and tries to run away to sort out her feelings. Will there be a chance for Graciela to tell Martin that she loves him? What will happen if Louie finds out that there’s something brewing between Martin and Graciela?

Complete your weeknights by tuning in to your favorite GMA Teledrama Makapiling kang Muli after Luna Blanca on GMA.

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