‘In Your Eyes’ Opens on August 18

Viva Films and GMA Films ventured in the most anticipated romantic drama of the year.

“In Your Eyes” starring Claudine Baretto, Anne Curtis and Richard Gutierrez is set to relinquish a different love story which will show you the importance of relationship with your love ones, may it be a relative or a love counterpart. The premiere will be on August 18, 2010.

Here is the PLOT of the film:

The plot is set partly at the urban city of Los Angeles, California. The story revolves in an unexpected love triangle between Ciara (Claudine Baretto), Julia (Anne Curtis) and Storm (Richard Gutierrez). Ciara worked in the United States to sustain her younger sister’s need. She devoted much of her time working until such time when she was caught in trap by a storm. After 8 years in United States, she was reunited with her younger sister Julia. Storm, Julia’s boyfriend joined her in the United States. In desperation to get an immigrant status, Ciara, Julia and Storm made a deal. This deal put them into a more complicated situation. Know what deal it is?

Watch the full trailer here:

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