When I Met U – Full Trailer & Poster

Will this be the biggest Valentine movie ever? Check out the poster and full trailer after the jump.

Here are the characters of the movie:

Benjie (Richard Gutierrez) – a struggling cargo pilot trapped in relationship with his fiancée Tracy and falls for another woman while on a trip to Palawan.

Jenny (KC Concepcion) – a mall promodizer whose fascination with romance and true love engulfs her in a quandary when she falls in love with Benjie.

Tracy (Iya Villania) – a rich and beautiful pastry chef who uses her beauty and her wealth to manipulate her boyfriend Benjie.

Albert (Alfred Vargas) – a stoic veterinarian who is a control freak; loves Jenny but controls everything about her.

Conching (Cherry Pie Picache) – Jenny’s mother, an elementary teacher who has to earn her keep as the husband is handicapped.

Kardo (Tirso Cruz III) – Jenny’s blind father, who stays home because of his handicap but is privy to Jenny’s feelings for Benjie.

Manny (Chinggoy Alonzo) – Benjie’s father, a compulsive gambler who makes his way into heavy debts and asks Tracy’s help.

Sylvia (Chanda Romero) – Jenny’s favorite aunt, a woman who moves from man to man in her relationships.

Kim (Chariz Solomon) – Jenny’s best friend, another promodizer who becomes Jenny’s confidante.

Tato (Bearwin Meily) – Benjie’s friend and colleague in the office whom Benjie hooks up with Kim.

Cynthia – Manny’s young and sexy lover.

Stella – Albert’s grandmother, his only family left.

Marcus (Mavi Lozano) – Jenny’s younger brother who is in college.

Bernice (Bubbles Paraiso) -Tracy and Albert’s friend who weds in Palawan.

Teddy (Paolo Paraiso) – another friend of Tracy and Albert.

Beatrice – Tracy’s mother who lives in Canada.

When I Met You is directed by Joel Lamangan and will open in cinemas nationwide starting February 11, 2009.

Video Link: When I Met U – Full Trailer

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