Blake Lively is Green Lantern’s Fierce Love-Interest, Carol Ferris

Coming off a widely acclaimed performance in last year’s drama “The Town,” Blake Lively now stars as Carol Ferris, Hal Jordan/Green Lantern’s lifelong friend and sometime lover, in Warner Bros.’ new action-adventure “Green Lantern.”

“We’ve got explosions and fights and trips to outer space and back, but I love that the movie also has a great sense of fun and a hint of romance about it,” shares Lively. “And the Green Lantern Corps should appeal to women, too—representing virtually every species of alien imaginable, it’s definitely not a men’s-only club.”

A go-getter pilot-turned-businesswoman, Carol has always been by-the-book, enabling her to move up in the ranks at her father’s company, Ferris Aircraft, making her now…Hal’s boss.

“Hal and Carol have a bond that goes back to when they were kids,” Ryan Reynolds relates. “There’s a great deal of history there, both good and bad. There are moments when they’re like magnets flipped the wrong way, pushing off one another, but you can always tell there’s something pulling them together, too.”

“Carol and Hal have an interesting dynamic, and Ryan and I had that same sort of playful banter,” says Lively.

“Blake and Ryan had great chemistry right off the bat,” producer Donald De Line confirms. “They really hit it off and I think that translated nicely onto the screen, whether the characters are in the heat of passion or the heat of battle.”

Lively adds, “Regardless of what they might have felt, or feel, for each other, Hal and Carol have always butted heads. She’s no damsel in distress. Like Hal, she’s a test pilot, and now that she’s about to inherit her father’s company, she’s in a position to really question him. And even after this unbelievable thing happens to him, she challenges him as much as he challenges her. If he can’t believe in himself, she’ll believe in him enough for the both of them. She’s not about to let him walk away from this amazing opportunity.”

“Carol is the alpha female in the film, and she really helps to enrich the story’s emotional spine,” director Martin Campbell asserts. “She’s strong and capable and responsible—everything Hal is not when we first meet him. And Blake truly combined all those qualities in a completely natural way. She was just great.”

Reynolds was not the only one who had to undergo training for the film’s exciting action sequences. Lively also had to prepare to be suspended in mid-air on a Matrix rig for a scene in which Carol is in the grip of a villain’s telekinetic powers.

“We put Blake in this rig and spun her around; she was a really good sport,” stunt coordinator Gary Powell comments. “There’s a lot of trust involved when you’re asking an actor to do some of these stunts—whether it’s hanging from a wire or shooting up into the sky—but everyone was really eager to do whatever they had to do to get it right.”

Opening across the Philippines on June 16 in 3D, 2D and regular format, “Green Lantern” will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

Watch the trailer of “Green Lantern” here:

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  1. Green Lantern Fan // May 31, 2011 at 7:38 pm //

    Ill definitely watch this movie cuz Ryan Reynolds is my favorite actor. Blake Lively is my fave also from Gossip Girl series.

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