Richard Gutierrez Hosts ‘Anatomy of a Disaster’

Aside from Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown, Richard Gutierrez will also host the documentary series on GMA entitled "Anatomy of a Disaster."

In the wake of a natural disaster, a multitude of questions, from “why did it happen?” to “how can it be avoided in the future,” frequently arises. And despite the pressing urgency to educate people on matters of the environment, some concerns are still not properly addressed, if not totally unanswered.

Beginning Sunday, August 22, GMA-7, through Greenpeace advocate Richard Gutierrez, brings environmental awareness to television viewers as it unravels some of the most destructive natural disasters in our planet’s history with its latest monthly documentary series titled Anatomy of a Disaster.

Considered to be a more comprehensive version of Richard’s former infotainment show Full Force Nature, Anatomy of a Disaster features different stories of tragedy, survival, and heroism adapted from the international AOD series of the same title. Each of the 13 episodes provides a scientific and detailed account of various natural disasters such as volcanic eruption, flood, hurricane, earthquake, and climate change, among others, in both local and international contexts.

For its local component, Richard will revisit some of the most catastrophic calamities ever to struck our country through interviews with environmental experts, eyewitness accounts, and actual footages, and deliver his spiels entirely on location.

The pilot episode on Volcanic Eruption will take viewers on a trek to Mt. Pinatubo as Richard vividly narrates its earth-shattering eruption in 1990. The explosion, which resulted to the second largest earthquake recorded that year, claimed hundreds of innocent lives, and destroyed thousands of homes in Zambales and nearby provinces.

Realizing that readiness is key to survival, Anatomy of a Disaster also provides viewers with substantial information and practical solutions on how to respond to and prepare for future disasters.

Directed by Rico Gutierrez, the first installment of Anatomy of a Disaster airs this Sunday, August 22, on GMA-7’s Sunday Night Box Office (SNBO).

Watch the teasers here:

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