Can’t Buy Buy Me Love Still No.1 on Netflix PH, Garners 500 Million Views on TikTok

“Can’t Buy Me Love” is still the no.1 leading TV series on Netflix Philippines today and garners more than 500 million views on Tiktok as of November 1 with its mysterious plot and ‘kilig’ moments from Bingo (Donny Pangilinan and Caroline (Belle Mariano).

It also remains one of the most-watched series on iWantTFC and also keeps its spot on the Twitter trend list night in and night out.

In the recent episode, Caroline (Belle) found evidence that strengthened her suspicion about Irene’s (Maris Racal) involvement in the failed kidnapping.

But her life is still in danger as Bingo learned that mysterious guys continue to follow her movements.

On the other hand, her family’s problems seem to pile up. After ending their partnership with the Liaos because of the discovery of Edward’s (Enzo Pineda) affairs, the online site of their bank business was hacked by someone. Until now, they are still clueless about the culprit’s identity.

Now that Caroline plans to move to her father’s house and show the evidence she got from Bingo, is this the end of their partnership? Will she prove Irene’s connection with her kidnappers, and will she be able to pay her debts to Bingo?

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