Alternative Boy Band KINDRED Debuts Their First Mixtape Subset

Alternative boy band KINDRED debuts their first mixtape, SUBSET. A collection of 15 songs, a blend of 8 flavors, and a by-product of infinite dreams. The end of a 3-year long project sparks the beginning of a new chapter in music. Under Island Records Philippines, SUBSET is available for streaming on Apple Music and Spotify.SUBSET is a culmination of genre-bending music. Weaving from city pop to experimental dance, and R&B to Neo OPM, the unique blend of genres this album presents reinforces the limitless sound of KINDRED. Unbound to any expectations or pre-existing standards, there is no better way to describe SUBSET than a mixtape created with love by dot.jaime, Fern., VINCED, Slomosays, Nouvul, Pikunin, Punzi, and Cavill.

Out of all the tracks in SUBSET, the most intentional moment of the mixtape is experienced in Ligaw. Described as a timeless pop ballad, Ligaw evokes a memory of a past connection that is ready to be revisited. A traditional approach to music made new, the song intends to age with youth, much like the impressions KINDRED leaves behind as a unit of ever evolving sound. 

Coming to stage with a full live performance of the mixtape, KINDRED celebrates their milestone in an upcoming show taking place on November 10. Accompanied by the talents of local DJs, the night dedicates itself to the festive collaboration of those who contributed to SUBSET as a full-range creative body of work. Featuring special merchandise, and a carefully curated program, KINDRED spreads the spirit of play with a self-produced event that hopes to bring people together out of shared appreciation and curiosity. 

Overall, SUBSET is a mixtape that sparks growth and expresses unity in many ways. The album shows us who KINDRED is in the co-creation of a shared sound, but what makes up the volume of that sound is what you can expect to hear more of in the future. Championing new waves of creativity, there is much to look forward to from each member as the band plans a tour in lieu of SUBSET for 2024.

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