A Brave Recollection of Heartbreak and Changes, Jayda Gets Personal with New Single, ‘A.M.’

Jayda is back at it. This time with a new hit that bravely digs deeper to share a piece of her soul. The new single, interestingly titled A.M.  follows her journey of heartbreak, which she recounts as something that “changed me.”

Following the success of IDILY, which taps into a story about giving in to the urge of drunk texting an ex, A.M. speaks more profoundly of losing love, which can sometimes make you lose yourself. It captures the IDILY in the aftermath, evoking that “morning after” sensation.

“A.M. is about me reflecting on a relationship I had that really affected me and changed my perspective on love, and it’s also ultimately about wanting to go back to the better and brighter days with the person I was with,” the singer and songwriter candidly shares. “It talks about the kind of love that forces you to grow up during it and lose that innocence as well.”

Penning With A Broken Heart

Writing A.M. began with a breakthrough for Jayda, some sort of catharsis if you will. Heart heavy, she just poured it all out to her producer.

“I was in LA at the time, and the breakup was still very fresh. I knew I needed an outlet for the pain I was feeling, so I turned to my music. The creative process really started, as I just talked through my feelings with my producer, Casey Sullivan, about the ending of my relationship.”

From there, she did what she did best—write.

“We just wrote down those thoughts, as I sat at the piano, which a lot of it, word for word, ended up becoming the actual lyrics.”

It ended up being “the most honest and vulnerable” she’s ever been with a song. While a descriptive writer, Jayda discovered a new penchant for writing, one that required her to really sit down with her thoughts. She took it as a “chance to get brutally honest with how my said relationships didn’t work out.”When it came to the choice of sound, Jayda wanted it to be piano-driven and vocally stacked, drawing inspiration from LANY and Ed Sheeran. She wanted to capture a sort of dreaminess in between the lyrics.

While reliving something painful, this never deterred Jayda from enjoying the creative process.

“I was stacking the vocals in the bridge with my producer, yelling: ‘Can we go back to the A.M.?,’ together with him. That was definitely a core memory for me in the process, just because I’m not the biggest fan of doing backing vocals. But I enjoyed getting to yell that out, since it was kind of a release of the pain I was feeling at that time as well, all while that section of the song ended up turning out exactly how I envisioned it to be in my head.”There’s much to learn from a broken heart, that much is clear. A.M. highlights the reality of love, one that cuts deeply.

“I’d like for people who are currently going through and have gone through the similar age-defining heartbreak that I experienced, to be touched by this track. Because I believe everyone has their A.M., the first cut that cuts the deepest. “

More than anything, though, Jayda just wants her listeners to remember that artists are human, too.

“What I hope that people take away from this track, would have to be the fact that before I’m an artist, I’m a human being first. Past the glitz and glamor of the industry that I’ve been in for the past few years, I’ve been a young adult who’s going through life beyond show business. I’ve fallen in love and gotten hurt as much as the next person has, and I hope that makes you guys, my listeners, feel a lot closer and relate to me on that level.”

Well, with this track on loop, we’re ready to wallow in pain and reminisce about love, our A.M.

Listen to “A.M.”—OUT NOW!

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