Jon Guelas Turns ‘Cold’ in New Single

Singer-songwriter Jon Guelas explores the complexity of forgiveness in his new single “Cold” released under Tarsier Records.

“The story behind the song is when you can give someone so many chances but when they take you for granted, you’ll eventually turn cold. Sometimes people take things a little too far, regardless of how much you care for them, there will always be limitations,” Jon shared.

He also revealed that his personal experience became his inspiration to pen the track with Bozidar Ristic and Christopher James Moore Lopez. Meanwhile, Moophs produced the song and is also credited as a featured artist.

“I went through a stage in a relationship where this girl really pushed me to the edge. I tried and I tried to forgive for all that happened but I couldn’t. I was telling a friend all about it and within a few hours we had written the core of the song all about my experience,” he added.

Jon started his journey as a hopeful contestant in the “X Factor UK” where he became a part of the boy band “United Vibe.” The band released four singles, headlined multiple tours in Europe, and performed in Hyde Park alongside Robbie Williams.

He kickstarted his solo career in 2021 after releasing his first two singles “Wonderland” and “Out of Love.” In the following year, he dropped the track “Did I Let You Go” which was included in the official soundtrack of the hit series “He’s Into Her.” Earlier this year, his first EP “Always With You” accumulated more than 200,000 streams, while his latest single “Cold” was featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday Philippines playlist.

Listen to Jon’s latest single “Cold” available on various music streaming platforms. For details, follow Tarsier Records on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

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