Trisha Denise Drops New EP ‘Simula Ng Wakas’

Kapamilya singer-songwriter-vocal arranger Trisha Denise navigates through transitions in life in her newly released EP “Simula ng Wakas.”

“For me, ’Simula ng Wakas’ is like the breaking of a new day, a new chapter in life ready to be written,” described Trisha. “It seeks to empower listeners to abandon unhelpful emotional baggage and stay excited about transitions in life.”

The mini-album’s key track is “Mas Mabuti Pa,” which talks about the challenge to end a relationship on a good note. Her inspiration in writing the song came from stories shared by friends and family.She said, “I love listening to my friends and family’s stories. And I realized that if something doesn’t feel right anymore, you have the freedom and the choice to leave. It will be a difficult process but in the end you will realize it is the right decision not only for you but with all the other parties involved.”

Other tracks in the album are “Wag Mo Akong Gisingin.” “Seryoso,” “Guhit,” “Bati Na Tayo,” and “Simula Ng Wakas.” They are inspired by Korean songs, according to Trisha who does covers of K-pop hits translated into Filipino that went viral on TikTok and Facebook.

“Simula Ng Wakas” EP follows Trisha’s full-length album “Piece of the Puzzle” about love and heartbreak.  Last year, she released a collaboration with Filipina artist LU.ME and Singapore-based acts KIRI, kotoji, and Marian Carmel titled “My Safe Place,” a song advocating mental health.

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