World Class Performers and Hosts are All Set to Soar with Star Magic

The strategic partnership between Star Music, Polaris, and the A Team, managed by multi-awarded singer-songwriter Ogie Alcasid, has made it possible for the next performers and hosts to watch out to find their way into Star Magic. As the country’s biggest talent management agency marked its continued pursuit to bring in the best in the business through the much-talked about Star Magic Black Pen event last June 19.

In their constant quest for the newest, unique, and most promising singers, Star Music has found two new gems in the person of Sab and Recio.


Sab is still in disbelief that her audition for Star Music when she was 15 would eventually lead her to becoming part of Star Magic. This young singer, who plays the ukulele and writes her own songs, has been on a roll. She has released 3 singles starting last July 2020 under Star Music and has been raking in views by covering a number of hit songs, including the eponymously titled ‘He’s Into Her” theme song. But, one of her biggest milestones to date would probably be how her original song “She” was featured in the award-winning K-Drama “Flower of Evil.” Prior to that, the same song has been used in the BL series “Hello Stranger.” While she has a long list of people that she hopes to work with, Sab shared that they are mostly singer-songwriters like Jayda and Kyle Echarri, among others.


For Recio, being part of Star Magic and Star Music is both a humbling and inspiring experience. The idea that he would be having more opportunities and would be honed by the best in the business makes him hopeful. Hopeful, in the sense that, he would be able to put his music and messages of inspiration to a wider audience starting now.  Growing up as a shy kid has allowed Recio to turn to writing music and sharing it only with a few close friends in order to express himself. Now he is a lot more confident as a person and is already looking forward to doing live performances soon as the pandemic is over. In the future, this Psychology student hopes that his music would be part of a coming-of-age film, one that triggers memories of nostalgia.

When you think of quality singers, you think of years of training and guidance, A-Team’s members, who are mentored by Ogie Alcasid himself, are the truest testament of that. Now that they are part of Star Magic, this team is ready to share their A-game  to represent their new family.


Poppert remains over the moon that he was entrusted by Star Magic and A-Team’s very own Ogie Alcasid to be part of their family. Those who are familiar with the local theater scene may have, at one point, encountered Poppert’s name. He specifically had his own following for taking on the role of the vibrant Kenny in the iconic musical “Rak of Aegis.” That same show actually paved the way for him to receive an invitation to audition for “The Voice of the Philippines.” But,  prior to that, Poppert has actually trained under the maestro himself, Mr. Ryan Cayabyab,  as one of the members of The Ryan Cayabyab Singers. But one Poppert’s talent doesn’t end in singing as he’s also not to be left behind when it comes to acting after having part of the Kapamilya shows “Starla” and “Ang Sa Iyo Ay Akin.”


Being welcomed in a new family amidst the pandemic is a blessing for Moira. This promising A-Team member comes from a family of musicians as the niece of ethnic singer and musician Joey Ayala. While the admits that the stage remains overwhelming for her, she is nevertheless equipped with the right rudiments, since she has done formal voice training and has already experienced doing public performances as early as 13-years-old. Unlike her peers, Moira was lucky enough to have been able to release her own single titled “First Date” when she was just 16. In the long run, this Business Administration graduate hopes to have a flourishing career in the music industry, and, if possible, to showcase her talent abroad.


If there’s one word that could very well describe Lara, it would have to be passionate. She’s passionate about music, performing, and more recently, cooking. As one of the members of A-Team, Lara already counts a number of feathers under her hat. Among them being part of the singing group called the Opera Belles, which was under the Sony Entertainment. She has also dabbled into composing her own songs, becoming a finalist for the PhilPop Music Festival and then being discovered to take on a lead role for a musical teleserye in 2011. The same year that she was discovered by Ogie as the agency’s first talent of his agency. Since 2013, she’s been doing shows around the world as a  soprano classical singer and doing stage work such as theater and opera. In the future, she hopes to share the stage with the one and only Asia’s Songbird, Regine Velasquez-Alcasid.


Being part of Star Magic, apart from A-Team, is like coming full circle for Davey. Since his first big break was being part of ABS-CBN’s songwriting “Pinoy Dream Academy in 2006,” it only seemed fitting that he eventually became part of the network’s premier talent management. Over the years he has participated in songwriting competitions, honed his skill set and solidified his dreams. The quarantine period has been especially productive for him as he was able to focus on the improvement of his singing, guitar playing, songwriting, producing, and studio work. In short, bettering all facets of himself as a musician.


Krystle’s heart definitely skipped a beat upon learning that she is finally going to be part of Star Magic. Although she has yet to fully grasp the idea, she is more than certain that it was a blessing particularly because some of the singers that she hoped to work with–KZTandingan and Iñigo Pascual–are both part of the same talent management agency. From her first gig at a global coffee chain’s Valentine’s show in Manila back in 2014, this A-Team member jump started her career by singing for commercials and was lucky enough to have sung for a fast food “hugot” commercial that eventually went viral. Unlike many who felt stuck because of this pandemic, it was the exact opposite for Krystle as it has caused major changes in her life because she moved to another country while doing things that she never thought she would ever do.


Aikee could very well be considered as a wonder kid, since this A-Team member has started in the business really early. He has been considered as a rap artist as early as 6-years-old and, to top that off, he also became one of the first few young rappers who managed to release an album. His other feats include the 2013 hit song “Dota o Ako” and joining and winning songwriting competitions such as “Himig Handog 2017” for the song “Extensyon” and “Himig Handog 2019” for the song “Please Lang,” which both won the Best 3rd Song title awards. He also took home the 1st runner up title in the “Philpop 2020” competition for the song “Bestiny.” Having done such feats, Aikee still dreams of doing more. Among them, being able to write an official soundtrack for a soap or a movie, and flexing his acting skills.


At the moment, Anthony is proud of two things– getting into Star Magic and finally pursuing his dreams. Another thing that he’s grateful for is the fact that his new talent management’s values are aligned with his. What started  as him simply streaming on KUMU became his stepping stone in being discovered by A-Team. Apart from his undeniable talent, Anthony is bringing in his positive work ethics in the show business, as he understands that the industry can be quite tough. But with hard work and the right attitude, Anthony is hopeful that his path in the business would eventually unfold. In the future, he wants to be able to act and host alongside his favorite, Robi Domingo.


An elite set of artists, this is how Gian, as an A-Team member, sees his new brothers and sisters in Star Magic. Although he has already made a name for himself in the theater industry, Gian actually broke into the mainstream industry after finishing as a runner up in “Philippine Idol” back in 2006. Since then, he has been a staple in different variety shows and teleseryes. But an interesting bit in his colorful career was his time as a performer for international theme parks in Hong Kong and Japan. But due to the pandemic, he had to go home and continue his passion for producing his own music and performance here in the country. In the future, he dreams of landing his first lead role on a soap and working with some of the best actors in the business such as Jodi Sta. Maria and Judy Ann Santos, among others.

“Tawag ng Tangahalan’s” pride  are now all set to take their performances into a bigger stage by being part of Star Magic.



Unreal, this is how JM describes the opportunity of being part of Star Magic. The “Tawag ng Tanghalan Season 4” winner could still fondly recall that he didn’t expect that his random courage to audition for TNT last year to pave the way for his new career. That this courage would lead him to stay in the competition, win it in the end, and now, be part of Star Magic. But he’s taking all these blessings with open arms and gratitude, especially since he admits to being his self’s worst critic. Now that he’s made it in the industry, JM dreams of being part of a musical series, learning to dance and doing choreography, doing some directing, and eventually, contributing to Star Magic family in bringing the Kapamilya brand of entertainment around the world.


Another member of “ASAP’s” New Gen Divas in the person of Sheena Belarnino has also signed her contract with Star Magic. This young power belter actually started her journey to stardom by auditioning for “Dance Kids.” However, it was her fourth place finish in both “Tawag ng Tanghalan Kids” in 2017 and “Your Face Sounds Familiar Kids Season 2” in 2018, that eventually put her under the radar of the network and the audience. This Grade 8 student made the most of her time during the quarantine by learning how to paint and draw. But soon as the situation permits, she hopes to be able to train her performance skills–that is singing while dancing at the same time.


Being part of Star Magic is a mix of nervousness and pride for Matty, since he’s now being managed by a reputable talent agency, and at the same time, he can now certainly grow and improve as a singer. Unlike many, Matty didn’t have any formal training or workshop experience. However, he takes pride in the fact that he educated himself about the performance scene and the theater arena as early as 14 years old. But it was only when his college mentor passed away when he actually took the step in realizing his dream. This he did by auditioning for “Star Hunt” in 2018. Prior to being a contestant in “Idol Philippines” in 2019, he was also an applicant for “The Voice of the Philippines” season 2. More recently, along with his two iDolls co-members, they have showcased their talents in “Your Face Sounds Familiar 3.”


Enzo’s no stranger to joining talent competitions as he has really started early in doing so. Fun fact about Enzo is that he was able to set foot in the AB-CBN compound when he was about 7 or 8, when he auditioned for the “Little Big Star.” Little did he know, the next time that he would be in the network was more than a decade later, when he auditioned for “The Voice of the Philippines” and then “Idol Philippines.” While he did not emerge as the contest’s winner, he continued making music and being part of appearances left and right. Not too long, iDolls was born where he found his new family along with Matty and Lucas. The trio’s biggest venture of late was when they showcased their amazing talent and singing at the recently-concluded “Your Face Sounds Familiar 3.” Enzo is fervently praying that he would be given the chance to work with Andrea Brillantes, Charlie Dizon, and Regine Velasquez in the future.


For “Idol Philippines” 1st runner up and iDolls member Lucas, Star Magic is the best partner that he could ever have in terms of finding new opportunities and pushing him to his limits to reach his full potential. Lucas attributes his experience and singing prowess to his training as a “kontesero” which started when he was just 5-years-old. Although he, along with Matty and Enzo, garnered a fanbase as part of “Your Face Sounds Familiar 3,” Lucas is still very much excited to become a versatile talent who not only does singing and dancing, but one who can also do some acting and hosting. Apart from the opportunities that are coming his way, such as being part of “ASAP,” Lucas is most grateful for the complete support that his family is giving him in his career and during these trying times. Given the chance he would like to share the stage with Angeline Quinto and Sarah Geronimo or the screen with Angelica Panganiban and Paulo Avelino, among others.


From one “Tawag ng Tanghalan” winner to another, comes the show’s season 2 winner, Janine Berdin. Not too many people know that Janine has actually dreamed of being part of Star Magic ever since she was young, so much so that she joined the “2011 Star Circle Quest Kids edition” where she finished as the fourth female semi-finalist. Aside from writing songs, Janine actually thought of pursuing a career in filmmaking and graphic arts. But these days, Janine’s goals have shifted its direction and she is now very keen in making her own album that would showcase her own kind of music. This, aside from learning more about her voice and how to make music. Janine is currently part of the “ASAP’s” New Gen Divas and “Showtime Online University.”

Catch this milestone event on July 18 at 9:30 PM as it airs on A2Z and Kapamilya Channel. Don’t forget to catch the latest names to join the Star Magic family and their upcoming projects.

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