‘Imitation’ Tackles the Struggles of K-pop Idols, Streams Exclusively on iQiyi

Young Adult K-drama “Imitation,” which tackles the struggles of idol aspirants, streams exclusively on iQiyi.

Adapted from the popular webcomic of the same name, “Imitation” tells the story of South Korean idols who have real dreams and strive hard in the highly competitive idol era. Starring multi—talented actors that include Jung Ji-so (best known for her role in the highly-acclaimed “Parasite” as the daughter of the wealthy Park family who develops a crush on Choi Woo Shik’s character), Lee Jun-Young (K-pop idol from U-KISS), Jeong Yun-Ho (K-pop idol from Ateez) and Park Ji-yeon (singer from K-pop girl group T-ara).

Ma-ha (Jung Ji-so) is an idol trainee who lost her chance to shine and is given a second chance, Ryok Kwon (Lee-Jun Young) is the leader of the popular idol boy group Shax, Lee Yu-Jin (Jeong Yun-ho) is an idol trainee and friend of Ma-ha and La Rima (Park Ji-Yeon) is a superstar singer – together they traverse the complicated world of the entertainment industry trying to make it to the top amidst blossoming friendship and romance.

“Imitation” Trailer:

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