SethDrea Go ‘YOLO’ as they Grapple with Death in iQiyi’s ‘Saying Goodbye’

Elise (Andrea Brillantes) is finally helping Ricky (Seth Fedelin) tick off his bucket list as they grapple with his imminent death in iQYi’s original Filipino series “Saying Goodbye.”

After Ricky found out that years of treatment failed to keep his heart condition under control, he sticks to his habit of living life to the fullest whatever the circumstances.

Elise, however, has a hard time accepting that she could lose her best friend soon. Her own fear of death stems from the trauma of her father’s unexpected death, which is one of the reasons she decided to study medicine.

Realizing that she could not fear death for all her life, Elise agrees to spend Ricky’s remaining days with him by helping him fulfill his goals, just as long as Ricky promises to continue fighting for his life until the end.

After years of friendship and amidst the constant threat of death looming upon them, Elise and Ricky will begin to see each other in a different light, slowly transitioning from being just friends to maybe more. But will it already be too late for them to pursue a romantic relationship? How will they accept the truth that they will have to say goodbye to each other sooner or later?

The following episodes will also open up a new world for Joni (Andi Abaya), a happy-go-lucky med student and Elise’s childhood friend, and Vic (Kobie Brown), a friend of Ricky’s who also has a heart disease, as they meet and forge a special bond. Ricky’s cousin Jericho (Nio Tria) also comes into the picture to add spice to the story.

Written and directed by Dolly Dulu, “Saying Goodbye” also stars Sunshine Dizon, Dominic Ochoa, Valerie Concepcion, Polo Ravales, and Bernard Palanca.

It is one of the original shows included in the multi-title content deal between ABS-CBN and iQYi, along with “Hello Heart” and “Lyric & Beat.”

“Saying Goodbye” is now streaming for free exclusively on the iQiyi PH app or A new episode drops every Saturday at 8 PM.

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