‘He’s Into Her’ Trends for 3 Consecutive Days

Maxpein’s (Belle Mariano) spunky attitude towards Deib (Donny Pangilinan) has worked against her as the school alpha became even more determined to make her life a living hell in Benison International School in Star Cinema’s newest series that has generated a lot of social media buzz, “He’s Into Her.”

Deib has a hard time dealing with the humiliation of being stood up to by a girl so he pulls in everyone in his clique – Tobi (Rhys Eugenio), Lee (Joao Constancia), and the mean girls including Max’s stepsister, Elle (Melissa Jimenez) – to help him bully Maxpein out of the school. With a plan dubbed as “Project Blocked,” Deib and his team successfully pull off a series of pranks.

Frustrated but not yet crushed, Max decides she will not back down. But the last straw comes when the group orders food at “The Barb,” where Belle works part-time, and sends her a fake address.

Will Max be able to carry on with her life after this prank? Will this be Deib’s last attempt to make Max’s life a living hell?

The second episode trended on social media throughout the weekend, earning countless praise from netizens for its acting and intense scenes.

@m_lyline is amazed by Belle’s acting. “I call out Belle Mariano for very great acting. You got us girl. You made us so sad and speechless at the same time,” she said.

“If you are still doubting Belle Mariano’s capabilities in portraying the role of Maxpein, panoorin mo ulit. I once doubted her pero seeing her act grabe speechless as in,” @ariezasoto tweeted.

@donbellephilia_ posted, “Such a roller coaster ride for this episode! Di siya yung intense lang talaga, you get to feel emotions other than kilig and inis. Kudos to HIH team again.”

Watch out for “He’s Into Her” on iWantTFC every Friday and on Kapamilya Channel, A2Z and on Kapamilya Online Live via the YouTube channel and Facebook page of ABS-CBN Entertainment every Sunday.

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