10 Self-Improvement Tips to Be Productive and Happy At Work

For every individual, happiness holds a different meaning. However, self-improvement remains a constant source of happiness for most people; it helps people become productive and happy over time.

Here are 10 ways to be productive and happy in the workplace. Enjoy!

1.    Choose a Career Path That You Enjoy

Choosing the right career path goes a long way in your life. Some people find comfort in a 9 – 5 job as they feel that their lives are disciplined. However, others prefer to work at their own pace and are most productive when they are their boss. The earlier you find out in your life about your career preference, the better it is for you.

Do keep in mind, though, that whatever you decide, it is not possible to be happy every single day of your job, but your career should be fulfilling enough that it keeps you going every day. Therefore, take a few moments to assess yourself, your skills, what you enjoy, and find a career path that you are passionate about so that you don’t have to regret a single day of your employed life.

I have to tell you; it may sound easier than it is in reality. Many people try their hand at multiple things before they come across a career that holds their interests while being sufficient enough to pay the bills. Therefore, don’ lose hope if you don’t find something right off the bat.

2.   Find a Job That Gives You Time off Work

For a lot of people, a job doesn’t have to be inspiring or fulfilling creatively. They are simply in the 9-5 grind because they need to make ends meet. For such people, it is important to have a job which buys them time outside office hours as well. Therefore, before you accept a job offer, analyze your own needs and know your limits. 

3.   Your Personal Growth and Development Is In Your Hands

A major motivational factor for employees is their personal growth. If they feel that they are stuck in a place and are not developing further in their career, they start to become unhappy. However, employees fail to understand that their personal growth is in their hands only. Take the relevant training sessions that would help you move forward in your career, and don’t hesitate to take decisions that would cater to your personal growth in the coming years. Once you feel you are in control, you will automatically feel satisfied and content with where you are in your career.

4.   Take Responsibility

If you feel like you are lagging and missing some information, then don’t hesitate to ask your co-workers. Don’t wait for someone to fill you in; take the responsibility to find all the missing pieces, and make sense out of the situation yourself. You can even request a meeting with your manager. In most cases, they would be happy to fill you in and be happy about the fact that you took the initiative instead of waiting for someone to tell you instead.

5.   Ask For Feedback

Good feedback is a great way to uplift employees and staff members. Therefore, if you are feeling lost and need motivation, ask for feedback. It is often difficult to ask for feedback from your managers or supervisors; however, if you have a strong team connection, then you can create a feedback system that lets everyone know their strengths and weaknesses.

It is comparatively easier to ask for feedback if you are working as an entrepreneur or as a freelancer. Suppose you are the owner of a small carpet cleaning company; you may still get feedback from your consumers. Ask your customers to fill an online survey form to help you know what aspects of your services you can improve. LinkedIn is a great place to improve your skillset and network with like-minded people. If you’re on there, you should consider using LinkedIn automation to give your account a boost.

6.   Say No To Multitasking

With heaps of work on your desk, you probably have multitasked as an employee too. Multitasking might help you get your tasks done, but it will drain you, and you will be unable to remain focused. Multitasking can lead to less productivity, frustration, and unhappiness. You might also feel exhausted too soon and hamper your productivity. Therefore, it is best to take one task at a time and then move on to the next one.

7.   Take Some Time Off

Your job should be flexible enough to give you time to spend with your friends and family. Pay attention to the number of paid leaves written in the offer letter, and don’t be shy to ask such questions from your employer. Having predictability in your office timings will be a huge plus for your family life and your social life. Even if you don’t love your job, if you like the flexibility it offers, you might not end up hating your workplace after all.

8.   Declutter

It is often difficult to focus if your workplace is full to the brim, and there is clutter all around. A disorganized desk and workplace can be a major distraction and prevent you from being focused and productive. Set some time aside every day to declutter your desk; it might take less than 10 minutes to clean your desk up but will be a huge boost for your productivity. Your desk should only contain necessary items, take the rest home, or put them away in your drawers.

9.   Help a Colleague

It might not make sense for you to help out others when you are trying to be productive yourself, but there is a significant connection between helping others and being productive yourself—helping out someone else will make you happy and will eventually make you feel satisfied with your job. You will start to feel a connection with your organization and feel more determined to complete tasks and meet targets.

10.  Workout

Most individuals who are part of the corporate grind are unable to take out time for themselves. This is also another reason why they feel so lost and demotivated. Pick out a physical activity that you enjoy and give at least 15 minutes to your body to help it unwind and relax. Working out will help you feel more fulfilled and generally content with your life.


There is a huge connection between employees being happy and productivity. The truth is, the happier you are, the more productive you will be; therefore, focus on your happiness, and the rest will follow for sure!

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