Kim and Paulo’s First Kiss in ‘What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim’ Trends on Social Media

Social media was abuzz on Wednesday (May 8) as viewers finally witnessed the swoon-worthy first kiss of Kim Chiu and Paulo Avelino in ABS-CBN and Viu’s “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim” and scored multiple trending topics online.Fans were left lovestruck over KimPau’s overflowing chemistry as #WhatsWrongWithSecretaryKimPH, KIMPAU WWWSKEP26, #KimPauOnViu, and #KimChiu immediately trended on X as the episode dropped at midnight on May 8.After multiple attempts in previous episodes, Sec. Kim (Kim) and BMC (Paulo) finally gave in to their lingering emotions and sealed a tender kiss while they were alone at a work function.The sweet moment also included a confession of feelings as the two ultimately decided to make their relationship official. But the ‘kilig’ didn’t stop there as BMC gave Sec. Kim a good night kiss and reassured her that he will always be by her side no matter what.Netizen @tyrielle commended the dreamy scene and said, “I couldn’t breathe the whole time. It was tasteful, classy, gentle and full of emotions.”

“I was so anxious to see if they would finally lock lips. KimPau’s chemistry is so strong that it makes me crazy over them. Even though I’m already a senior citizen, watching them makes me feel like a teenager all over again! I can’t wait for the next episode,” said @nprangelo.“There’s something about this pairing that even scenes like this are just too cute for me at their age. #KimPau remains wholesome, it wasn’t sloppy the way I perceived it but the love still reflected on the screen,” commented user @kimpau8890.

Fans were also treated to more heart-fluttering moments of Sec. Kim and BMC after Viu posted behind-the-scenes photos and videos featuring the lead stars.

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