WATCH: 1ST.One – ‘You Are The One’ (Ttak Maja Nuh) Dance Practice Video

1ST.One, the second All-Filipino boy group trained under a Korean entertainment company, has released the dance practice video of their debut single “You Are The One” on Saturday, September 5. They debuted last July 31 with the music video for “You Are The One” and it already garnered more than 650 thousand views to date.

The 6-member group is composed of Val John Librea (ACE), Carlo Edwin Fernandez II (MAX), Jonas Cyrone Cruz (Alpha), Jesper Kyle San Agustin (J), Philip Russel Balicad (Joker) and Jayson Lee (Jason). Prior to their debut, they’ve been trained by FirstOne Entertainment for more than two years.

K-pop choreographer Ryu D., who has created choreographies for EXO, BTS, and Pentagon, is also the one who gave 1ST.One the dance moves for “You Are The One.”

Watch the group’s dance practice video for “You Are The One” below:

Check out the choreography created by Ryu D. for 1ST.One:

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