How to Write an Appealing Instagram Letter to Your K-Pop Idol

Writing to your favorite K-pop start can be the perfect way to express your admiration. Whether you are new to the K-pop craze or you’ve been a faithful fan for years, you shouldn’t be scared to reach out to your K-pop idol. As K-pop became a global phenomenon it is even harder to get in touch with the starts. That’s why social media comes in handy.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms among K-pop stars, so it’s the best channel for you to connect with your idol. If you want to get noticed by a K-pop star you need to write a letter that will stand out among the generic ones. Here are a few tips that will help you write a memorable Instagram letter.


Say What Makes Them Special

With the rising popularity of K-pop groups, more of them are coming into the spotlight. Now you have tons of K-pop start who are sharing their talent and love of music.

Your K-pop idol will appreciate it if you let them know why they are special to you. There must be something that singles out this singer or a group from all the others.

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Just think about it. Would you like it if someone told you what makes you different from any other person they like? No matter how many fans they have, it is always nice when someone talks about how unique they are.


Be Authentic

Don’t try to diminish your own voice and personality. You should write to your K-pop idol with an open mind and heart.

What makes K-pop groups like BTS or Stray Kids so popular is that they have their own image and their own style. If you want their attention you need to show the same originality.

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Find your authentic approach by thinking about what would you say if you see them in person. Add emoticons to emphasize your emotions. Write in a language that expresses your personality and don’t think twice about what they would think. They will appreciate you for being yourself.

If you feel hesitant about your writing skills you can team up with writing services like BestEssayEducation and WowGrade or use an editing app like Grammarly to polish up your writing.


Express Why Are You Writing

The best way to attract someone’s attention in a letter is to specifically state the reason for writing. There must be something that made you think about writing a letter. Express that reason.

It might be that Blackpink’s awesome dance moves made you fall in love with dance, maybe there is a song by TWICE that makes your morning’s better, or the Dreamcatcher’s music got you through some hard time.

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Let your K-pop idol know how they made a difference in your life. Explaining what motivated you to write is the best way to start the letter.

Sharing a motivating story that inspired you to write a letter is what will attract the attention of anyone. Even celebrities can’t stay immune to such openness and honesty,” says Dorian Martin, a freelance writer and translator at IsAccurate.


Create a Well-Written Letter

Your letter needs to be original but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pay attention to how you are writing. If your letter isn’t easy to understand or your sentences sound confusing, your idol can have a hard time understanding what you want to say.

In case your writing skills aren’t your strongest asset or you have a writer’s block, think about finding some tools that can help you out. Here are some suggestions.

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  • Readable – To make sure that your letter is readable check its ReadibilityScore. Do that with the help of this online free tool.


Add a Picture

Instagram’s focus is on visuals. Therefore, follow up on that trend and include a picture in your letter.

A picture will add some color to your letter. It is best if you add your picture or your drawing that shows your love for that K-pop start.

For example, wear a shirt with their band’s name on it, or take a picture of yourself listening to their music.

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Adding such an image will make the letter more personal and show that who the person behind that writing is.

These are some basic tips that will turn your letter from average to awesome. Above all, keep in mind that this is your opportunity to express your love for your K-pop idol. Meaning, that each word should come from the heart.


Estelle Liotard is a seasoned content writer and a blogger, with years of experience in a different type of content writing. She works as a senior writer at Trust My Paper. Through her work, she wants to teach people how to overcome writing challenges. In her free time, Estelle likes to travel and listen to K-pop music.

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