Fil-Canadian, Fil-Am Community Leaders Send an Outpouring of Support, Stand in Solidarity with ABS-CBN

More expressions of support have poured in from various leaders in the Filipino American community in light of the pending franchise renewal of ABS-CBN, the Philippines’ largest entertainment and media conglomerate and the parent company of TFC.

An OpEd from Tony A. San Juan, published in the Filipino Bulletin based in Toronto, Canada writes that “This Paper, in solid support and solidarity with print news journalists-brethren, joins also many of the legions of media organizations, labour unions and advocacy groups in asking the government to reconsider its position.”

Many of the community leaders conveyed that ABS-CBN is a very significant part in the lives of overseas Filipinos for various reasons. Individuals and groups continue to reach out messages of solidarity.

In Manila, a prayer rally was held Friday where ABS-CBN President and CEO Carlo Katigbak addressed the employees “Ituloy lang natin ang pagdarasal at ang pagbibigay serbisyo sa Pilipino. Sa gitna ng lahat-lahat ng nangyayari, huwag po nating kalimutan ang misyon natin — in the service of the Filipino.” (Let us continue praying and serving the Filipino. Amid everything that is going on, let us not forget our mission – in the service of the Filipino.)

Kalayaan SF Chari Radi Calalang states that “ABS-CBN is instrumental in promoting Filipino culture and strengthening Filipino communities across the globe.” (Photo by Sophia Therese Manimbo)

“ABS-CBN is a reliable partner and a culture guardian,” according to Filipina Women’s Network Founder and CEO Marilyn Mondejar.

Filmmaker and Co-Founder of the San Diego Filipino Cinema Benito Bautista underlines that “ABS-CBN is a crucial lifeline” for Filipino Americans.

Sonia Delen, president of the UP Alumni Association of San Francisco and of the Filipino Food Movement claims that “ABS-CBN brings us home, and reminds us that wherever we may be, we will always be part of a larger international Filipino family.”

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