Miss Universe 2019 – Top 20 Hot Picks and the Predicted Winner

After the Miss Universe 2019 Preliminary Competitions were aired online on December 7, 2019 from Atlanta Georgia, pageant fans had a clear perspective on who among the 90 contestants this year will make it through the Top 20 semifinalists.

And as a tradition, we are releasing our own Hot Picks based on the contestants’ performance in the Evening Gown and Swimsuit competition during the prelims. We divided them into 4 categories: 5 from Africa and Asia Pacific, 5 from the Americas, 5 from Europe and 5 Wildcards.

Africa and Asia Pacific

  • Zozobini Tunzi, SOUTH AFRICA
  • Gazini Ganados, PHILIPPINES
  • Frederika Cull, INDONESIA
  • Stacy Michuki, KENYA
  • Paweensuda Drouin, THAILAND


  • Gabriela Tafur, COLOMBIA
  • Julia Horta, BRAZIL
  • Cheslie Kryst, USA
  • Kelin Rivera, PERU
  • Madison Anderson, PUERTO RICO


  • Cindy Marina, ALBANIA
  • Fionnghuala Oreily, IRELAND
  • Birta Abiba, ICELAND
  • Maeva Coucke, FRANCE
  • Natalie Ortega, SPAIN


  • Thalia Olvino, VENEZUELA
  • Thuy Hoang, VIETNAM
  • Geraldine Gonzales, CHILE
  • Vartika Singh, INDIA
  • Sofia Aragon, MEXICO

Our Predicted TOP 10:



With Paulina Vega in the panel, we could see Colombia go as far as Top 3. Julia Horta of Brazil should also be in the Top 3 but we put Gazini Ganados instead. But I think 2019 is Thailand’s year and Paweensuda Drouin, being fluent in English, could ace the final question and answer and win the third Miss Universe crown for her country.

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