Erik and Angeline Team up with Korina in Making Dreams Come True for Teacher and Grandma

Dreams don’t always come true, but for a heroic teacher and a persevering grandmother, two simple letters were all it took to fulfill their hearts’ desires.

When “Rated K” received two letters with unique pleas of help, anchor Korina Sanchez-Roxas did not hesitate to help the senders fulfill their wishes with the help of two Kapamilya artists Angeline Quinto and Erik Santos.

Korina and team surprised high school teacher Beth Sangalang with a performance from OPM’s “Prince of Pop” while aspiring songwriter Francisca Teje, or “Lola Fe” finally heard her song brought to life by the “Queen of Teleserye Theme Songs.”

“Rated K” learned about Beth through her former student Arjay Velasco, an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) who wanted to honor the teacher he considers as his hero.

Arjay shared he almost quit his studies back in high school due to problems in his family. To his surprise, his class adviser, Beth, insisted on supporting his schooling and took him in as her own son. She also offered to help him go to college, but Arjay chose to work and support his family after high school.

He eventually became an OFW in Dubai, but he never forgot how his beloved teacher gave him a home and family and supported him in his dreams. He emailed “Rated K” from Dubai asking for help in honoring Beth, hoping to get a video greeting from their favorite singer Erik Santos.

“Rated K” stepped up to help Arjay. He flew back from Dubai, and with the help of Korina and team, surprised Beth with not just a video greeting, but also a live performance by Erik Santos himself during the homecoming event at their high school.

“I wrote to ‘Rated K’ because everyone knows the show really makes an effort to help people fulfill their dreams in different ways,” said Arjay. “I knew they’d be able to help me.”

Lola Fe, meanwhile, always dreamt of being a writer, but she knew she couldn’t pursue it as a career because of financial reasons. She eventually became a kasambahay to support her family, but continued to write songs on the side and refused to let go of her dream.

Now 72, Lola Fe wrote to Korina and “Rated K” in the hopes of hearing her compositions performed by a Kapamilya artist, and the “Rated K” team heard her plea. They teamed up with Star Music’s Jonathan Manalo, who arranged and produced Lola Fe’s song “Maraming Salamat Mahal,” while Kapamilya singer Angeline Quinto brought the song to life. She will release the song as a single, and its rights and proceeds will go to Lola Fe.

“I am an old woman, but I never let go of my dream. I’m so thankful for Korina and team, who heard my request and brought me this much joy at this point in my life,” said Lola Fe.

According to “Rated K” host Korina Sanchez, Lola Fe’s situation touched their hearts, especially because of its unique nature.

“When we read her letter, it immediately got our attention because she wasn’t looking for financial assistance—she just wanted help fulfilling a little dream while she’s still alive,” said Korina.

Rated K is a news magazine program that features human-interest stories and no-holds barred interviews with interesting personalities. Along with its anchhor, Korina Sanchez – Roxas, the program also reaches out to Kapamilyas in need of different kinds of help. It is just one of many ABS-CBN programs that directly provide care and assistance to Filipinos in need.

“Rated K” airs every Sunday, 8:45 pm after “Wansapanataym” on ABS-CBN. Watch online on or

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