WATCH: BTS vs TXT – Debut Stage

Big Hit Entertainment launched BTS in 2013 and the group started off a little dark with a dominating hip hop vibe with their first two singles “We Are Bulletproof” and “No More Dream.” I must say, they are full of angst that time.

Check out BTS’ debut stage below:

Six years later, Big Hit decided to form their second boyband–TXT–and the group debuted in candy pop colors with a dominating cutesy vibe with their first two singles “Crown” and “Blue Orangeade.”

Check out TXT’s debut stage last March 4, 2019 below:

After watching the videos, it’s safe to say that Big Hit has successfully launched two original and different concepts that show a lot of promise in the path they are designed to take. For BTS, we already know how successful they’ve been and it’s because of the full package: great songs, astounding music videos, stunning choreographies, and charismatic members.

As for the new group TXT, we cannot compare them to their big brother group BTS because they are taking a different path which is the cutesy/candy pop approach with all visual members appealing to the teenage girls market. And in less than a month, they already broke a number of records including the highest debut of a K-pop artist on Billboard 200 ever. BTS was not as popular as TXT during their debut month so it says a lot of promise to the good-looking quintet.

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