The Dangers of DVT


DVT or Deep Vein Thrombosis is dangerous especially when the blood clot breaks loose and damage your organs. DVT does not just simply form a blood clot, it poses a threat to human health and here are the 2 complications caused by DVT:

1. Pulmonary Embolism – this is when a blood vessel in the lungs are blocked by a blood clot. This can be a threat to your life as it will affect the functions of our lungs. Symptoms of Pulmonary Embolism are as follows:
• Sudden shortness of breath
• Chest pains and discomfort
• Coughing up blood

2. Postphlebitic Syndrome – Also known as Postthrombotic Syndrome; and occurs when damage to the veins are caused due to blood clot which reduces the flow of blood in affected areas such as in the legs and arms. This causes:
• Swelling of legs and arms or any affected areas
• Skin discoloration
• Skin sores

To avoid DVT and its complications, seek professional help immediately. It also pays to live a healthier lifestyle by eating healthy foods, exercising regularly and taking supplements that can help with the healthy coagulation of blood.

It’s best to choose something that has the right balance of Nattokinase which helps in dissolving unhealthy coagulation of blood, Garlic Oil which aids in the reduction of blood pressure, Ginkgo Biloba which promotes over-all cognitive health, Ginseng which helps regulate cholesterol and blood flow and Fish Oil which helps prevent heart problems. These ingredients have great benefits for the heart and the over-all health of the body. Nattokin contains all these ingredients. Now with a healthy lifestyle—proper diet, regular exercise and Nattokin, you’d be reducing risks of having chronic diseases especially cardiovascular problems!


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