TFC’s Digital Series ‘Lines and Letters’ Nominated at the 23rd Asian Television Awards

The Filipino Channel’s (TFC) digital series Lines and Letters is nominated at the 23rd Asian Television Awards under the Best Digital Non-Fiction Programme Series category.

Asian Television Awards Asian Television Awards is an award-giving body in Asia which recognizes excellence in programming, production and performance. For over a decade now, ATA has showcased and gave recognition to quality television productions within Asia.

Other nominees under the Best Digital Non-Fiction Programme Series category are “The Remix-India S07” by Amazon Prime Video from India; “After School Club #310” by Arirang /Arirang Kpop / After School Club from Korea; and “Wrong Say Do Season 1” by Mello Original from Thailand.

Screen captured from the TFC digital series “Lines and Letters’” episode “Goodbye”

Lines and Letters is a digital series evoking inspiring real-life stories of overseas Filipinos. The stories featured in the series are narrated through spoken poetry and visually translated through different hand-art mediums.

Also nominated at the 23rd Asian Television Awards are Boy Abunda under the Best Current Affairs Presenter for his program “The Bottomline” which is also nominated under the Best Talk Show category; and Maja Salvador who is nominated under the Best Actress in a Leading Role for her performance in the series “Wildflower”.

The 23rd Asian Television Awards ceremony will be held on January 11, 2019 in Malaysia.

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