Sandino Martin Faces Life or Death Decision for Sick Sister on ‘MMK’

Sandino Martin’s love for his sister, played by Bianca King in her first appearance in the series, will be put to the ultimate test on this Saturday’s (October 13) episode of “MMK.”

Siblings Sherwin (Sandino) and Love (Bianca) have learned to depend to each other throughout the years, especially when their parents broke up. They have leaned on each other through good and bad times, even when they had started their own families, and when Sherwin started using drugs.

Love never gave up on Sherwin and kept guiding him. His bad habit would eventually stop as Love got sick and needed a kidney transplant, which only Sherwin can give. However, his employer and his own wife are against him donating his kidney, believing it would not be good for his own health.

How will Love’s illness affect Sherwin and his vice? Will Sherwin choose to donate his kidney to his sister who loved and cared for him all his life or will he choose his own health, security, and future?

Also in this episode are Perla Bautista, Lito Pimentel, Mickey Ferriols, Lovely Rivero, Kristel Fulgar, Marc Santiago, Erika Clemente, Erin Ocampo, Marc Acueza, at Francine Diaz. It is under the direction of Paco Sta. Maria and written by Arah Jell G. Badayos and Jaja Amarillo.

Don’t miss the longest-running drama anthology in Asia, “MMK,” every Saturday on ABS-CBN.

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