‘Hwayugi’ – Korea’s Biggest Action-Fantasy Drama Premieres on PH TV

ABS-CBN celebrates its 15th year of being the true and first home of Asianovelas by bringing to Filipino viewers the biggest action-fantasy hit in Korea this 2018, “Hwayugi: A Korean Odyssey,” bannered by Lee Seung Gi and Oh Seon-Yo starting Monday (July 9).

A modern Korean take on a Chinese literature classic, “Journey to the West” pits Lee Seung Gi’s Son Oh-gong with the love of his life Yumi played by Seon-Yo.

Seung Gi enjoys a huge following here in the country being the leading man of two of the biggest Korean drama’s ABS-CBN has aired, “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho” and “The Love Story of Kang Chi.”

Ever since she was a kid, Yumi (Seon-yo) has been able to see spirits and demons that caused her to be ostracized by her peers.

One day, she meets and inadvertently sets free the very powerful but mischievous immortal, Son Oh-gong (Seung Gi), who is imprisoned inside the marble mountain. Once they are outside, Oh-gong makes a promise to Yumi to be her protector, but being the playful demigod that he is, decides to take away the memory of his name.

Fast forward to 25 years later, Yumi has become a CEO of a real estate company that sells houses with notoriously bad luck, using her powers to see spirits and demons to fight them off the properties she sells. One day, she meets Oh-gong again, who is trying to reclaim his seat in heaven.

Will Yumi ever get back the memory of Oh-gong’s name? How will Oh-gong protect her from all the evil spirits she has to fight for a living? Will a romance bloom between a mortal and a demigod?

Don’t miss the premiere of “Hwayugi: A Korean Odyssey” this Monday (July 9) after “Since I Found You” only on the first and true home of Asianoveas, ABS-CBN.

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  1. William Tiu // July 10, 2018 at 1:09 pm //

    a modern Korean version of the popular Chinese Legend Journey to the West .

  2. Anonymous // July 9, 2018 at 11:43 am //

    My favorite k-drama is on ABS-CBN im exited

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