Janella Salvador Plays a Magician on ‘MMK’

Janella Salvador learns to look for the magic in life despite tragedies and hardships on this Saturday’s (July 7) “MMK.”

Magic has always had a special place in Rosela’s (Janella) heart since it is what binds her to her father, Ruperto (Tirso Cruz III).

However, after Ruperto unexpectedly dies, their family struggles financially, forcing Rosela and her siblings to start working. She promises to honor him by still making him proud one day.

Rosela finds a way to continue her education, but eventually returns to her true passion against the wishes of her mother, Josie (Assunta de Rossi), who believes magic is a waste of time.

Will Rosella fulfill her promise to her father by achieving her dream of becoming a magician, or by abandoning her passion to provide for their family?

Also in this episode are Louise Abuel, Laisa Comia, Nikki Gonzales, Sophia Reola, and Mutya Orquia.It is under the direction of Joan Habana and written by Raz de la Torre.

Don’t miss the longest-running drama anthology in Asia, “MMK,” every Saturday on ABS-CBN.

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