Pinay Girl Group ‘Chai’ Stuns in The X Factor Australia 2016 (Video)

Chai, a group of three Filipina singers, wowed the judges in “The X Factor Australia” 2016 after their rendition of Gnarl Barkley’s “Crazy.”


The audition were great based from the applause from the audience and rave reviews from the judges:

Adam Lambert said “The harmonies were bangin! Great arrangement and the vocals, I think there’s a lot of potential here.”

Iggy Azalea said “Your name sounds like latte. You deserve to have a better name. You guys are sexy and you’re talented and you’re a new group and sometimes it takes a while to figure it out.”

Guy Sebastian said “That was awesome! And you in the middle (points at lead singer Vita Jutsen) your runs and stuff, pretty good!”

Watch Chai’s first performance in the show below:

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