Morpheus Impersonator Performs Creepy Magic on the Street, Shocks Innocent Bystanders (Video)

We all love the blockbuster hit Matrix and all of its film installments. Remember how cool it had made Keanu Reeves, Lawrence Fishburne and the rest of the Matrix looks with all those shades and trench coats and the very concept of the world of the matrix is fascinating on its own and unique.

Creepy Magic

Yes, on the silverscreen it is fascinating, and somewhere along the way if given a chance you too would have wondered if such an idea such as the Matrix world could have exist, how it was to venture to
“know this truth,” to see our purpose and existence in life by making that imperative decision of having taken the Blue Pill or the Red Pill.

While it seems like it would have been a awesome way to venture in the Matrix world and meet Morpheus, Neo and the rest of the Matrix gang, in real life and walk with them in the streets, the truth is, it’s the other way around!

In the viral video: Morpheus in Real Life – Molo Nation on MEM, the home to funny new videos from some of your favorite YouTube creators, had a guy impersonating Morpheus with matching some psychic powers of lifting things could actually be the opposite reaction when we see them face to face.

In the video, innocent bystanders, joggers, or people strolling leisurely on an anonymous street are suddenly caught off guard when an actor poses as Morpheus, in complete Matrix garbed and approaches these people and really creeps them out.

Either that, they find it ridiculous since a) who in the world would actually wear such a get up on a hot sunny day, b) it’s like come on, we’ve all seen the Matrix movies or at least are aware of this cinematic phenomenon – unless you were hybernating in some rock somewhere in a God-forsaken place when the films were shown – we definitely know seeing a man in Morpheus costume is definitely a hoax and you’re sure to be in some trickster’s video. Well your guess is as good as mine.

Watch the video prank here:

Magic video

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