Cristine Reyes and Derek Ramsay Sizzle in Viva Films’ Erotic Drama ‘Trophy Wife’

Cristine Reyes and Derek Ramsay sizzle and ignite the big screen anew with their box-office-tested erotic pairing in Viva Films newest offering, “Trophy Wife,” which also stars Heart Evangelista and John Estrada under the able direction of box-office director Andoy Ranay.

TrophyWife Movie Poster

The tandem previously titillated moviegoers via the blockbuster Viva hit, “A Secret Affair,” where they figured in a unique love triangle with another prized property of Viva, actress-TV host Anne Curtis.

Cristine and Derek are back as Lani and Chino, respectively, in “Trophy Wife,” a scorching tale of love and revenge set to open in theaters nationwide July 30.

Both are naturally excited in this new Viva pairing. This, plus the fact that they are working for the first time with top caliber actors like John, Heart, G Tongi and Jackielou Blanco.

Derek, as Chino, plays a rich playboy while Cristine, as Lani, is a GI baby from the province.
They meet during one of Chino’s bar-hopping escapades in Angeles City, engage in a night of sheer sexual passion then part ways when Chino gets involved in a rough encounter with the mayor’s son.
Because of the incident, Chino’s brother, Sammy (John) sends him to hide in the States, unaware that he had gotten Lani pregnant.

Lani, thus, looks for Chino in Manila to tell him about her pregnancy. Unfortunately, Sammy sends her away. During the commotion, Sammy’s driver bumps into Lani, who then suffers a miscarriage.
With nothing else going for her and her American dream, Lani eventually plots her revenge on the two brothers.

She finds herself a job in a bar in Manila, joins and is crowned Ms. Body Beautiful.
She also gets to meet the American ambassador, who invites her to a society ball.

This is where she crosses paths with Sammy again, who is smitten by and falls hard for her ravishing new look.

Sammy asks for Lani’s hand in marriage. She agrees. Before their wedding day, Sammy asks Chino to come home and meet his fiancée.

Homesick Chino obliges and returns with new girlfriend Gwen (Heart), whom he meets in the US, only to find out that the girl he abandoned was to be his sister-in-law.

Unknown to Chino and Sammy, Gwen plays a key part in Lani’s revenge plot for she is her long-lost sister who was adopted by a family in the U.S.

The succeeding scenes will be tension-filled and highly-charged as Sammy unearths Chino and Lani’s past relationship, Lani learns about Gwen’s deep feelings for Chino and Gwen discovers the truth behind Lani’s aborted pregnancy.

Brace yourselves as “Trophy Wife,” dubbed this year’s most disturbing tale about love lost, revenge and new beginnings unfold on the big screen starting July 30 only from Viva Films.


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