Iya Villania, Chino Lui Pio and Luigi D’Avola Take the Intense #SunChallenge (Video)

Do you think MYX VJs Iya, Chino and Luigi have what it takes to work together and finish 3 intense challenges, in different locations, all under 600 seconds? Check it out!


SUN Cellular got together 3 of the country’s top VJs–the athletic Iya, the comical Chino and the charming Luigi–to finish 3 tasks situated at 3 different locations, all under 600 seconds only! It may seem like an impossible mission but the three VJs accepted the tasks even though they are not quite sure how they are going to accomplish the challenge.

With the help of their Sun powered mobile phones, can Iya, Chino and Luigi find a way to complete their mission under the time limit?

Watch the video below to know if they were able to succeed in their #SunChallenge:

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