Bryan Castillo Lost More than Half of Initial Weight, Wins Pinoy Biggest Loser

After losing a total of 154 pounds or 52.56% of his initial weight, Bryan Castillo was named the Pinoy Biggest Loser during the final weigh-in of “The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition Doubles” last night (April 26).

Bryan Castillo after being named the Biggest Loser

From 293 pounds, Bryan now weighs 139 pounds. He recorded the highest weight loss percentage among his co-finalists Kayen Lazaro, Francis Asis, and Osie Nebreja to win P1 million, P100,000 worth of sporting goods and accessories, a business franchise package, home appliance showcase, and lifetime gym membership.

“Everything that’s happening hasn’t sunk in yet. I’m very happy to get the title. My only wish is to make my family happy. This is what God gave me,” Bryan said.

“Now, I’m standing here in front of you with no fears. I won’t look back. I’m looking forward to a better future and a better Bryan,” he added.

Bryan was part of Team Magkapatid with his sister Ikya, who got eliminated during the show’s tenth weigh-in. As a pair, they recorded the highest numbers of wins in the program’s major challenges.

Working mom Kayen was hailed as the first runner-up with a weight loss percentage of 50.52% or 145 pounds to weigh 142 from an initial weight of 287 pounds. She brought home P500,000.

Bagong Bigateam’s Francis and Osie were declared the second and third runners-up, respectively, with weight loss percentages of 48.85% and 47.5%. Because they made it to the finale as a pair, they got double the P300,000 and P200,000 cash prizes they were supposed to get.

Francis, the season’s youngest contestant, shed 149 pounds to weigh 156 pounds from 305 pounds, while 45-year-old Osie lost 133 pounds to weigh 147 pounds from 280 pounds.

All the runners-up were also awarded one-year gym membership and a home appliance showcase.

The grand finale was hosted by Iza Calzado, along with challenge masters Matteo Guidicelli and Robi Domingo.

Ex-contestants Ikya, Carl Lazaro, Ralph and Christian Du, Pat Martinez and Cathy Bautista, and Tin and Dianne Obsina also flaunted their slimmer figures at the grand finale.

For the first time in the history of the global TV franchise, the contestants in “The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition Doubles” didn’t use gym equipment to lose weight. Trained by fitness coaches and real-life married couple Jim and Toni Saret, the show’s contestants lost a total of 1,421 pounds before last night’s final weigh-in.


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