Piolo Pascual and Other Producers of ‘Kimmy Dora’ Question the MMFF Awards Committee

After the “Boy Golden” team expressed their disappointment for the MMFF snub, Piolo Pascual and co-producers of the comedy “Kimmy Dora: Ang Kiyemeng Prequel” are now questioning the credibility of the MMFF Awards Committee.

Piolo Pascual


The producers of “Kimmy Dora: Ang Kiyemeng Prequel” are not happy with the results of the recent 2013 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) awards night, where it failed to take home a single trophy in the main competition.

Actor Piolo Pascual, along with co-producers Ericson Raymundo, Joyce Bernal and Shayne Sarte, questioned the festival awards in a statement given to ABS-CBN News on Thursday.

“It was very unfortunate that ‘Kimmy Dora: Ang Kiyemeng Prequel’ and its lead actress, Eugene Domingo, did not get the right recognition due them. Its director, Chris Martinez, was not even nominated based on the merits of the film,” the statement read.

Bernal, who directed the last two “Kimmy Dora” films, was the winning director last Friday for the action flick “10,000 Hours.” Screen veteran Maricel Soriano, meanwhile, was named Best Actress for her role as a devoted mother in the 2nd Best Picture winner “Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy.”

Domingo, who was named Female Star of the Night, joked in her acceptance speech that the award was a consolation prize for not winning Best Actress.

The producers of “Ang Kiyemeng Prequel,” in their statement, noted that “a lot of people from various sectors in the industry share our sentiment by means of their articles and blogs citing the film’s production excellence.”

Set before the first “Kimmy Dora” film released in 2009, “Ang Kiyemeng Prequel” centers on the title characters portrayed by Domingo as they undergo training for positions in their father’s (Ariel Ureta) company. In the process, the twins compete to win the attention of their supervisor, Rodin (Sam Milby), but are forced to cooperate when a mysterious figure threatens to take down the company.

Several scenes in the film, unlike in the previous installments, prominently feature Kimmy and Dora interacting. With the help of special effects, the two are seen seamlessly overlapping in key scenes.

Winning the most trophies in the technical and creative categories was “10,000 Hours,” which earned prizes for screenplay, cinematography, editing, musical score, sound engineering, visual effects, and production design.

It also won Best Picture, on top of 13 trophies including special awards.

Aside from “Ang Kiyemeng Prequel,” two others main-competition entries — the dance musical “Kaleidoscope World” and the historical biopic “Pedro Calungsod: Batang Martir” — went home empty-handed from the awards night.

“As producers, we feel what matters more now is that moviegoers enjoy the film and leave the theaters delighted and happy,” the statement from Pascual said.

The last in a three-part film series, according to Domingo, “Ang Kiyemeng Prequel” has consistently ranked fourth among the eight MMFF entries in nationwide earnings since Christmas Day.

As of January 1, it remained in fourth place, trailing “My Little Bossings,” “Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy” and “Pagpag: Siyam na Buhay.”

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