Anne Curtis – #MakingMEGA Fashion Documentary (Video)

See how the country's biggest fashion glossy issue was made--from brainstorming to shooting the magazine's covers--via #MakingMEGA, the Philippines' first fashion documentary film produced by MEGA Magazine.


Ever wonder how MEGA Magazine came up with the idea of two cover issue – one, high fashion and other one, an etherial version – with more than 400 pages this September?

A documentary film created, conceptualized, compiled and directed by Michael Carandang documenting their Rio de Janiero, Brazil and Machu Picchu in Peru journey last July towards creating this MEGA Big Fashion issue and their thickest issue yet, features MEGA’s star cover this month and the most influential celebrity of this generation Anne Curtis, sibling models Daniel and Vanessa Matsunaga with MEGA’s editorial and creative team lead by its Editor-in-Chief Sari Yap, Fashion Editor Patrick Galang, Associate Creative Director Mica Santos, Deputy Editor Meryll Yan,

Anne, what Sari Yap described, despite her status as the biggest star in the Philippines right now was a a total professional and a no-diva during the entire shoot. Sari said Anne “pulls our luggage from the conveyor belt. She lifts things. She’s offering to help us whenever we need it. She’s offering to plan the food and the dinners because we don’t have time to do it. She’s offering her glam team to help us whenever we need it. It’s like..she wakes people up in the morning because we can’t wake up. I mean, she’s a real person.”

Anne Mega

She furthers by saying, “What really impacted me was her character and how really down-to-earth she was. In fact, at one point I said, “Anne what’s wrong with you? Why are you so down-to-earth? Why are you so not a diva? You’re supposed to be a little bit of a diva.”

Watch the “#MakingMega: Anne Curtis in South America” fashion documentary below which was launched on Tuesday night, September 10, at the Eclipse Bar in Solaire Resorts and Casino:

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  1. This is superb! I Love you Anne Curtis!

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