Claudine Barretto, Richard Gutierrez & Anne Curtis to Star in ‘In Your Eyes’

Stars will align in the upcoming Viva Films and GMA Films co-production "In Your Eyes."

Since Mark Anthony Fernandez is busy shooting the upcoming GMA teleserye “Diva”, his reunion movie with ex-girlfriend Claudine Barretto will be shelved for the mean time. Viva Films, however, asked Richard Gutierrez to star with Claudine and the Captain Barbell star agreed without having second thoughts.

What’s even more exciting about this GMA Films and Viva Films co-production is that Anne Curtis will also star in it! It has a working title “In Your Eyes” based from the popular love song by George Benson and revived by Regine Velasquez.

Claudine tweeted about this movie the other day:

“I’m at GMA for our story conference and presentation ng anthology. Yes, I’m doing a movie with Anne Curtis and Richard Gutierrez. The story is beautiful so trust me co’z I am very hands on and choosy in choosing my movies and scripts very well kaya nga matagal ako bago gumawa ng movie because I really choose the best scripts. Di yung tanggap lang ng tanggap. Its really new. Basta di ko ma-explain, ganda ng script.”

Richard Gutierrez, on the other hand, will have to give up the hosting stint for Survivor Philippines Season 3 because they will begin filming “In Your Eyes” and at the same time he will also start shooting Captain Barbell immediately after the finale of Full House. He is really interested in Survivor Philippines 3 but he will be very busy in the coming days.

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