‘Failon Ngayon’ Examines Services of Airports and Seaports and Water Rate Hikes

Award-winning program “Failon Ngayon” looks into more social issues starting this Saturday (June 15) as broadcast journalist Ted Failon tackles more topics per episode every week.

In this Saturday’s episode, Ted examines the inadequacies of Philippine airports, a problem that resulted in the tagging of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) as the “Worst Airport in the Asia” by a well-known website.

Some reasons behind the flak are the frequent delayed and cancelled flights at the airport that give burden to passengers and add more cost to airline companies. Flight attendants, meanwhile, were frantic on fixing the flights, thus, “Maya dela Rosa” of “Be Careful With My Heart” will impart her perspective in the said issue.

The situation in the seaports will also be tackled. Ships and seaports in the country have reportedly improved. However, there are groups that say otherwise citing that the service at provincial seaports is still unsatisfactory.

Meanwhile, water bill rates are set to increase next month. Manila Water will hike rates by P5.83/ m³, while Maynilad will hike rates by P8.58/ m³. Can anything be done to stop these hikes?

Don’t miss the full reports in “Failon Ngayon” this Saturday (June 15), 4:45 PM, after “SOCO” on ABS-CBN. Replays air on ANC every Sunday, at 2PM. Visit its Facebook page and follow it on Twitter via @Failon_Ngayon. Tweet your reactions this weekend using the hashtag #FN.

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