New Batch of ‘Luv U’ will Suffer Bullying from Other Students

It’s time to head back to school on “LUV U” with a new batch of students coming in—but the first day also means brand new bullies that are waiting to pull off some mean pranks.

LUV U Barkada (1)

One of the school’s new kids is Lexie Domingo (Alexa Ilacad), who is a godsister of Camille (Miles Ocampo) through her Ninang Baby. On Lexie’s first day, she encounters a notorious gang from Facundo Assuncion Quisumbing University. The group members are known as the “Break3rs”, and from the start, Lexie decides that she doesn’t like them because of their arrogant vibe.

One day, Lexie accidentally messes up the hair of a boy named Benjamin Jalbuena (Nash Aguas), who happens to be the leader of the “Break3rs”. Annoyed at what Lexie did, Benj starts to think of ways to get back at her. With the help of Rocky (Igi Boy Flores), the boys come up with the plan of throwing some slime on Lexie—but Rocky doesn’t know that Lexie is supposed to be the victim of the whole prank.

Will Rocky find out that it’s Camille’s godsister that they’re planning to bully? If he finds out, will the “Break3rs” still ruin Lexie’s start at her new school? All the answers and so much more are coming up on this week’s episode of “LUV U”, airing on Sunday (June 16) after “ASAP 18” on ABS-CBN Channel 2.

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