Eula Caballero Transforms Into a ‘Warrior Angel’ this Week

Fans of TV5’s popular pampamilyang fantaserye Cassandra: Warrior Angel will finally see their favourite heroine’s grand transformation on this week’s episodes of the hit drama.


For her 18th birthday, Cassandra (Eula Caballero) will receive a magical necklace from her friend and guardian Gabriel (JC de Vera) that will complete her transformation into a Warrior Angel.

While Cassandra gradually accepts her identity, complications soon arise for the rest of her family. The evil Azrael (Gabby Concepcion) falsely convinces Cassandra’s mother Larissa (Eula Valdes) that she is a maligno. Without any memory of her former self, the babaylan assumes this new role and begins to train with the forces of evil.

Larissa’s oldest son, Cristoff (Alwyn Uytingco), also unleashes his dark-side after a painful tragedy. Finally, Calix (Josh Stangeland) faces more hardships as his foster father Dado (Mon Confiado) takes advantage of his ability to heal the sick.

With new identities being formed and new challenges being thrown in their paths, can Cassandra still find a way to unite her family? Don’t miss the exciting episodes of Cassandra: Warrior Angel, weeknights, 7:00PM only on TV5.

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